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Coming to Vancaf 2016



This coming Saturday-Sunday May 21-22 I’ll have a small selection of original artwork, comic sketch cover artwork, prints and merchandise at Vancaf – Vancouver Comic Arts Festival table I4. If you’re in the Vancouver area, come say Hi!

rick and morty sketch cover



Portraits of Imaginary Friends Exhibition April 7

peculiar beasts invite

Things have been a little quiet on my social media outlets, but I’m pleased to say I have a small collection coming to Saint Germain Gallery for Portraits of Imaginary Friends exhibition. Several new oil paintings, an ink illustration, and a collaborative painting with fine artist Kristian Adam will be contributed to Portraits of Imaginary Friends.

treasure hunter preview1

As a kid, I didn’t have imaginary friends the same way other kids may have (I probably have more of them now as an adult than I did as a kid). I would have loved to have a little dragon buddy to go out into the garden with, flipping over rocks and looking for treasure. “Treasure Hunter”, wip previewed above, will be an 8×10″ ink illustration at Portraits of Imaginary Friends exhibition.

peter rabbit wip1

Beatrix Potter stories and characters played a big role in my early childhood. In tribute, I’m preparing a portrait of Peter Rabbit. Full artwork images, and new completed pieces will be revealed as we near the exhibition April 7th at Saint Germain Gallery, Penticton BC.

Nightmare In Wonderland Exhibition




Curator Ixie Darkonn brings us Nightmare In Wonderland, a multi-part exhibition project project spanning 4 galleries in 3 countries. Nightmare in Wonderland pays silent tribute to one of the darkest filmmakers of our time. Project Part: 0 opens at Rotofugi Gallery February the 13th, themed as The Colorless Exhibition.

Nightmare In Wonderland is a tribute exhibition interpreting the characters and world of Tim Burton. Being a Silent Tribute, Burton is unnamed in exhibition promotion, but I’d like to share my thoughts on this very special project I’m contributing to creatively, and as Project Assistant.


Tim Burton has been an influential creative figure to me ¬†since I could push my own VHS tapes in and press Play. Not surprisingly, many others feel similarly! I teamed up collaboratively with undead sculptor¬†Deth Becomes You to develop and fabricate a dynamic reinterpretation of one of our favourite, and one of Burton’s most iconic characters, Jack Skellington.


Jack is known in death as Jack Skellington, or The Pumpkin King- the king of Halloween! But what was he like in life? Deth took up the challenge of fleshing out those old bones. The original sculpt incorporates visual ties to Jack’s later form; a wide notched skeletal grin, scalp burned smooth in a fire, and segmented neck represented through scar tissues. Jack is expressive, and Deth’s sculpt depicts a visage whose expression changes with the light and angle- from one of curious intrigue, to sinister delight.

blank 1

Deth has cast a bust of Jack in Latex, both for logistical purposes and to give the surface I would paint a realistic texture and appearance. We moved the depiction towards realism; Deth fabricated a canvas coat, and little baby bat friend for Jack in lieu of his necktie. We think, in life, Jack’s overbearing appearance belied a real soft spot for smaller creatures.

Materially, Latex is a really different ballgame.

wip 3


Painting latex posed brand new material challenges for me, in addition to keeping with the monochrome exhibition theme. In our piece, Jack is pallid and ghoulish, despite what must have been an otherwise very colourful life! Every scar tells a story, which we’re still unraveling. Deth’s sculpting continually blows me away, and his material tutelage has been invaluable. I’m definitely up for painting more latex!

The final piece is titled “A Sublime Trauma Of An Improbable Dreamer”, and stands around 12″ tall. This piece will be on display and available through Rotofugi Gallery February 13th, with preview list signups here. Exhibition updates will be posted to social media under #NightmareInWonderland #IxieDarkonn and #DBYTZ , or rsvp to the Facebook page here. Thank you for your support!