Portraits of Imaginary Friends Exhibition April 7

peculiar beasts invite

Things have been a little quiet on my social media outlets, but I’m pleased to say I have a small collection coming to Saint Germain Gallery for Portraits of Imaginary Friends exhibition. Several new oil paintings, an ink illustration, and a collaborative painting with fine artist Kristian Adam will be contributed to Portraits of Imaginary Friends.

treasure hunter preview1

As a kid, I didn’t have imaginary friends the same way other kids may have (I probably have more of them now as an adult than I did as a kid). I would have loved to have a little dragon buddy to go out into the garden with, flipping over rocks and looking for treasure. “Treasure Hunter”, wip previewed above, will be an 8×10″ ink illustration at Portraits of Imaginary Friends exhibition.

peter rabbit wip1

Beatrix Potter stories and characters played a big role in my early childhood. In tribute, I’m preparing a portrait of Peter Rabbit. Full artwork images, and new completed pieces will be revealed as we near the exhibition April 7th at Saint Germain Gallery, Penticton BC.

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