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Custom Trikky for Kidrobot San Francisco Hello Trikky


Kidrobot San Francisco is feeling Trikky – bringing together a group of varied artists from across North America for “Hello Trikky” exhibition opening Oct 3. If you’re in the San Francisco area, definitely swing through their storefront location for a fun opening event.

I’ve contributed a 7″ custom Trikky inspired by Cheshire Cat, one of my favourite creepy characters, titled “Can You Stand On Your Head?” – He can!


Cheshire Cat has long since been one of my earliest favourite fictional characters. He’s a pretty benign character, and is helpful to Alice while she’s in Wonderland- but doesn’t seem to go out of his way very much. And that always creeped me out a little, and gave me the impression Cheshire Cat had a darker or indeterminable quality to his alignment.



Swing through Kidrobot San Francisco Friday, October 3rd to view this piece and many others up close on opening night!